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Foals 'Antidotes'

Foals 'Antidotes'

Album re-design, Uni project

This project was part of my third year in University and focused on experimentation with Riso printing. The project entailed an imagined re-work of the Foals album 'Antidotes'.

The brief required an expressive design that matched the tone of the fast paced, energetic, happy album as well as adhering to the albums title in its design. Due to this I decide the best course of action would be to use Riso as it is a vibrant medium that matches the tone of the album well. This paired well with the simple 'antidote' like pharmaceutical illustrations to create an eye-catching design.

Due to Riso being a physical print its vibrance is lost somewhat on camera and therefore the images are not a true reflection of the design.

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