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Invincible by design

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Invincible by design

Dissertation Project

This work was completed as a third year university project in response to my written thesis - 'How pivotal is the use of colour within football'.

The work utilises the research discovered within my thesis to create a football brand/kit that is effectively 'Invincible by design'. The research carried out showed the importance signs and symbols have on how we engage with day to day objects. An example of this would be the traffic light system - green means go red means stop.

The theories discussed in my work champion the notion that our actions on the football pitch are also effected by these signs and symbols and that we can manipulate the outcome of a match by changing what signs and symbols a player will face.

Due to this my work takes influence from ancient signs and symbols of strength and power such as the 'helm of awe', an ancient norse symbol for invincibility, which can be seen adapted within the brands logo. As well well as utilising colour theories such as how red can put opponents off due to our biologically based predisposition to view the colour as a symbol of danger. 

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