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Seaparrot Apparel Co.

Seaparrot Apparel Co.

Branding, Visual Identity, Client

Seaparrot Apparel Co are a Pembrokeshire based clothing company that focuses on sustainability and ethical design. Their work focuses on the treatment of wildlife and aims to raise awareness of the struggles wildlife face in an ever changing global climate.


I was approached by the client to create the visuals for both the clothing and brand identity which culminated in a brand package of Logo, business card, letterhead, brand imagery and website design. The designs centered around animals with the logo and brand identity paying homage to the brand name, 'Seaparrot', an old Pembrokeshire term for Puffin.

The clothing imagery also centres around animals as they are depicted doing humanised activities, as a light-hearted way of highlighting the strifes many animals face at the hand of the human population. 

website mockup 1.jpg
mobile web mockup.jpg
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